Enhancements to Web & iOS

I’m a new Volumio user, long time user of Apple Music & Tidal. Some frowns in my 1st days using Volumio, and since User Experience is so important, how can the following be improved?

  • Shuffle: On Web UI & iOS tapping on the shuffle arrow does not change the colour of them, so its impossible to know if shuffle is turned on or not, IMHO
  • Navigation on iOS: Search for an album in Tidal → short tap on the Album goes to the track list, not possible to select play the whole album, no back button, so can’t go back to the search result. IMHO short tap when selecting an album should bring you to the Album page
  • Navigation on iOS: Search for an album in Tidal, add a back button everywhere.
  • Now Playing on iOS & Web: Clicking on the shuffle arrows in the lower web UI or on the Now Playing section in iOS apparently does nothing. They don’t change colour. If you click it, then open the 3-dots on the mid UI panel, or go to the play cue on iOS then you see the shuffle effectively change colour to on or off if you leave and come back to it.
  • iOS Navigation: Change List to Tile view: Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Should be there all the time, especially in the Search view.

TIA for your comments/feedback.