enable_uart=1 block the boot on version 2.285

Hello everyone.

On this topic I presented my diy volumio server.

yesterday I updated to the last version of vilumio =>2.285

I was suprised that the LED I use as a power indicator wasnt ON so I checked the config file in the boot config and the “enable_uart=1” had disapeared whitch explain why the LED wasn’t ON.

Nevertheless, after adding enable_uart=1 to the config file, volumio simply wont boot anymore.

Taking the SD card out of the PI and manually removing this line from my PC would let volumio boot.

Any Idea why “enable_uart=1” do this on this buold and will it be fixed ?

Thank you.

After further investigation I found a workaround on the forum that was posted due to a similar issue on an earlier version of Volumio.


Instead of using


Use :


In the config file.

It activate the LED on the TxD pin and disable the bluetooth that isnt used in Volumio anyway and most importantly it doesn’t crash on boot :slight_smile: