Enable replaygain permanently using custom shell script (volumio-mpdcorr.sh)

i did 3 times; did not see the cursor move either. Is that also normal?

ok, i can try again Ben beetje dom :wink:

is this ok?

log is mentioning: No such file or directory → that’s not good it think?

i don’t know; how can i check?

Guys, please take this to PM. This isn’t really helping the community!

ken zo niemand die dat zou kunnen. Volumio heeft wel ge-reboot (moest opnieuw zoeken maar device); of is dat geen reboot?

ok, will stop. Thx all for the help

i get this message

Hi Ben,

I think I found the error → The forum software butchered the contents of the bash script :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
At step 5 copy and paste the contents of the file enclosed and continue with step 6.
(Before replying to you I, tested it myself with a new installation of volumio → it works)

I will contact moderation to edit my initial post.

Best regards

install-volumio-mpdcorr.txt (2.4 KB)

Cannot copy/paste from notepad text?

Hi Ben,

in the meantime @ashthespy corrected my initial post. Therefore you can also copy/paste from there.

Best regards

@and1 if you have github, you can create a gist and then reduce user copy paste errors by directly curling or wgeting the script…

Hi Andreas, it is working! Thanks for your kind support. Best regards, Ben

Can i update volumio without loosing the replaygain script? Br. Ben

Unfortunately I don’t have an account on github.
I am no developer and therefore never bothered to signup :sweat_smile:

Updating volumio by the integrated update function never resulted in any problems for me. (There shouldn’t be many possible complications anyway as the script only adjusts existing procedures).