Ebook readers compatibility with Volumio

Ebook readers compatible with Volumio. Please tell about your work experience with using Ebook readers (Android OS) .

I use a Kindle, and it works quite ok

What Kindle You have?

Sorry, my bad, not a kindle.
I have a Fire HD (8’’). It just works, and the official android Volumio app is on amazon store too…

With 70 euros you get a comfy tablet to control volumio.l.

  1. Have you Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9?
  2. How about using e-ink ebooks?

If they have a browser, maybe Volumio will work.

  1. What types of Web browsers should E-ink E-books have to use with Volumio?
  2. How they should be updated?

E-ink browsers and e-readers aren’t a very good compared to when web-content is displayed on a normal tablet.
Often experimental web browsers are used on E-ink readers.
E Ink refreshes slowly and issues often arise with afterimages, animations, and scrolling.
Advantages of E Ink include low power usage, flexibility, durability and ruggedness and better readability under direct sunlight.

Please explain, what E-ink web browser (Android OS) is the best for using with Volumio?

I have not heard of anyone using an e-ink book reader with Volumio. As you say though, a rudimentary browser is sometimes included with the reader, and possibly this might work with Volumio: that is for you to find out :wink: Don’t forget to report your findings back here.

Please explain. Why I should make sure to have the latest versions of respective browsers and why Google Chrome is suggested for an optimal experience?
E-ink displays are much easier on most people’s eyes than LCD screens. Since it’s not backlit, it’s more like reading a newspaper and control Volumio than like staring at a LCD tablet/smartphone screen (which can cause eyestrain).

We use edge javascript technology (angular and socket.io) which might not be compatible with stripped down browsers like e-readers one

Not every browser is the same. Volumio uses techniques that are only available in more recent modern browsers. These techniques do require quite some capabilities (and CPU power) far more than just ‘simple’ rendering basic HTML.

As E-ink displays are meant for displaying ‘static’ (book) pages for several seconds/minutes before refreshing to show something new, nowadays web pages are much more dynamic (and a lot have some constant animation going on).

Second, all these new techniques require a browser to be able to ‘run code’ meaning it should be able to perform actions based on code coming from the page. This ability to run code also bring the possibility to run malicious code so the browser needs constant security patching to stay safe.

As an e-reader vendor, supporting an adequate browser is hard and does not naturally fit with the purpose of an e-reader and its E-ink display. That is why I think that E-ink e-readers are unlikely to receive a proper browser and/or one that is kept up-to-date.

I do know that some e-readers have a very basic browser and it might be an idea to see if there could be a plug-in for Volumio that only has some very basic functions like searching your library and simple manipulations of the playlist (next to start/stop/etc.) and is aimed at very basic browser not using any javascript, etc.

Hopefully the above answer your question why you need an up-to-date browser like Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

But, I definitely understand the use case. Just listening to music and reading an e-book, it simplifies things if you can (partially) control Volumio using the e-reader which you are using already instead of having to switch to a different device like your mobilephone, tablet or laptop, etc.

I want just listening to music. I am using LAN (not WAN) and need very basic functions like searching your library and simple manipulations of the playlist (next to start/stop/etc).
ONYX BOOX Darwin 3 has а dual-core processor with 1 GHz clock rate and 512 MB of RAM probably ensures using Volumio?
I want to control Sparky SBC+KALI+DAC by an E-ink reader (Android 4.2) but have doubt if it will bi compatible with VOLUMIO?

What do you think about above-mentioned?

What do you think about above-mentioned?
Please clarify my questions!

You need to test it yourself probably unless by any change there is another Volumio user with your E-ink reader that could test it for you.

Again, I doubt if any E-ink browser can handle modern webapps like Volumio.

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

Please explain where can I get compatibility list with Volumio for smartphones and tablets?

I want control Sparky SBC+KALI+DAC by an E-ink reader. All I need, is E-ink E-book reader on Android 4.2 and Volumio Android APPs volumio.org/volumio-android-apps. Why is it so difficult and incompatible with Volumio?

Sometimes, we can’t have what we want. Why are you so hooked on an E-Ink reader?

Also, I see you now have a Sparky; have you given up on your Odroid?

  1. I want control Sparky+Kali+DAC by Volumio Android APPs on Android OS. Is it possible? How about using ONYX BOOX Darwin 3 ?
    Firefox for Android is currently available for Android devices running Android version 4.1 and later.
  2. I haven’t Odroid now.