Durio Sound vs Pi-DAC+


After reading all the raving posts about DAC for the RPi I’m thinking about getting one (or two…)
Has anyone been able to compare the Durio Sound (especially the PRO) and the IQaudiO Pi-DAC+?


Word of warning about the DAC+
If you plan to use anything else in a box like a TFT screen or if you plan to power it separately, you’ll be hard pushed for a solution. Their support is not great, all I got from them was “It is not designed to be used in any other way other than powered from PI or their AMP+”.

I’ve had a couple of people ask about powering the Pi-DAC+ from an alternative source and provided details on pin outs to all those that have asked. I’ve also provided details about how the Pi-AMP+ powers the Pi-DAC+. All this is documented in the user docs - available from www.iqaudio.com/downloads

But it is also true that the Pi-DAC+ has not been designed to work from being powered by the Pi itself (or from the Pi-AMP+ which has the appropriate back powering support built in - as defined by the Raspberry Pi HAT specification).

If you want to hack your Pi-DAC+ to within an inch of it’s life then that’s up to you. No issue.

Adding a TFT / IR sensor / Rotary Encoder is all encouraged and the very reason we’ve included access to the majority of the Pi’s 40w connector and I/O pins. We have tonnes of customers using the extra GPIO pins and also have customers powering their solution in different ways.

I’m sorry that we’ve not reached your level of support requirements coconuts - no issue - return your Pi-DAC+ in original packaging and accessories for a full refund. If you need the return address then please PM me and I’ll be happy to provide it.