.DSF cannot be played

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v<2.882>
Hardware: RaspberryPi3A+

I can’t play the DSF file I own.
You can play it by sending it from your PC to the USB DAC using Foober.
Therefore, the DSF data is normal.
The connection between Volumio and AMP uses SPDIF.


Is there a solution?
Thank you.

Did you enable audio resampling under Playback Options?

Thank you very much.
I set it, but an error is displayed and it cannot be played…

Audio resampling: ON
Target bit depth: NATIVE or 16
Target sample rate: 44.1
Resampling algorithm quality: LOW

it’s not a music extention sofar i can find out.


thank you!
I recognize that .dsf is an extension of DSIFF to support ID3v2.3.
My .DSF can be played correctly on Foober and Denon HEOS.