DSD128 Audio Clipped or Distortion

I use Raspberry Pi 4 B with Volumio, and USB connection to Yamaha NX-N500 which has internal DAC.
Volumio can detect the YAMAHA DAC as Output. Flac 96Khz, Alac 96Khz, DSD64 is ok, but only DSD128 audio has distortion like it’s clipped.
I tried to set Volume by Software and enable Volume Normalization, even tried re-sample (downstream), but result is the same issue for DSD128 file.
I was thinking that Yamaha NX-N500 Dac is the one who create this, because I also use same Raspberry PI4 with Volumio, and USB connection to Topping D70 DAC and analog out to Yamaha NX-N500, without any problem for playing DSD128.
But, If I use my computer with Foobar and setting for Native DSD output through ASIO driver and Yamaha USB Sound driver, and also the same USB connection direct to Yamaha, it can play DSD128 without any problem. So, the DAC in Yamaha seems ok.

Anyone have this kind of experience? I would be appreciate if somebody could help me.