DSD playback problem with allo boss2 DAC

I am enjoying playback with Roon.
I can’t play DSD when I use DoP setting, only PCM conversion.

I have a lot of DSD64 sources, so I’m having trouble.

Is there anything I can do?

Yes, start with telling us what your setup looks like (which PI, x86?) especially which DAC you are using.

pi4 and i2s connection.
Volumio is used as Roon endpoint.

Same here. Volumio 3 doesn’t see any DSD tracks / ISO. Not one.

Oin comparaison, I still use Audirvana 3.50 and it read everything.


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I have over 1000 dsd64 albums and want to play DSD64 without PCM conversion in Roon.

Do you have any good ideas?

I was able to play them in Volumio with the dsd native setting.
Roon is only dop, I can’t select dsd native.

Easy fix then, use Volumio.
Or do you expect us, community members, to solve Roon issues here?

I have a problem when using the roon plugin for volumio.
Is it not related to volumio?

The Roon plugin is a piece of software developed by a community member and implements a Roon product called “Roon Bridge”. The plugin offers a very convenient way of installing, starting, stopping and uninstalling Roon Bridge on a Volumio system. Before the plugin, people were installing it manually. That’s all.