DSD Playback issue after 2.163 upgrade

Have 2 volumio systems.

  • One with Hiberry plus, I2S DAC.
    Plays DSD files after the upgrade, no problem.

  • One with Pi 3 USB out to Gustard X20 DAC.
    Does not play any DSD file. Without DoP, loud white noise. With DoP low noise, no music.
    DSD playback with DoD worked well with same files before the upgrade.

Please try to set Volume to 100 in both cases (DoP and non DoP).
If you’re using software volume, then put it to none.

Tried. No change.
Also tried No Mixer. Same problem.

Hints I have:

  • Same DSD file was playing fine before upgrade with DoP on both I2S and USB DACs.
  • Same DSD file only plays well on I2S DAC after upgrade. USB DAC is no broken no matter what I do with the Mixer.
  • Before upgrade HW Mixer was working well with USB DAC.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you want me to check anything else.