DSD output very quiet?

Hey all,

I have just installed a Pi DAC+ in place of using an external DAC and so far it sounds great.

One thing that I have noticed though is that the output level of DSD is a lot lower than other audio types. It also seems that the quality of DSD playback is not a good as my DAC however this is perhaps just because the level is lower and I have to adjust the volume before trying to compare to non-DSD audio.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Where would the issue lie? Is it a Volumio issue or incorrect settings in alsamixer or the Pi DAC+ itself? Or is it just a DSD thing (although I didn’t have the issue with my external DAC)

All the setting in alsamixer look fine. I am not sure what setting to go with for the DSP setting so I just left the default one selected. All other settings seem fine.


  1. i2s connectivity in Rpi does not support DSD (DoP or Native). What you hear is DSD converted to PCM.

  2. Most of DSD masters are much quieter than popular recordings. I am not a DSD fan but all 10 albums I have in DSD are in much lower volume comparing to all my other library.

Not sure why but I thought Pi DAC+ supported DSD!

With a Rpi and and an i2s dac the maximum you can get is 24/192 PCM.

OK, thanks. Maybe it’s back to my USB DAC then :slight_smile: