DSD direct on Amanero Combo384 USB DAC

Hi All

I am new to Volumio.
My Raspberry Pi3B is connected to my DAC through Amanero Combo384 USB.
I found that the DAC can recognize DSD only when Volumio play with DSD on PCM setting.
Anyone can help?

Hi, in my belief, Volumio version 2.779 (Released: Jun 8 18:35:15 CEST 2020) has reversed functions names for “DSD playback mode”: “DSD direct” and “DSD over PCM (DoP)”. Personally, I don’t mind, but it can be confusing for other Volumio users.

I’m just listening to PURE DSD DAC through Amanero Combo384 USB (DSC2 DAC). After booting up Volumio, first “play” in Direct DSD mode and you won’t hear anything. Press the STOP button, change to DSD DoP mode and play another song. I believe you will succeed too, it plays fantastically. Report the result, please.