Dropouts using Dell Inspiron N5040 laptop

I’m having dropouts of many seconds when playing FLAC.

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Ultimate goal is to have a Rpi3 and an I2S DAC (undecided as yet) but until the money presents itself I am “settling” for an x86 install (to local 320Gb spinny disc).
Specs: Intel Pentium P6200. Dual core @ 2.13GHz
Onboard audio ( I suspect Realtek AC97 but haven;t checked)

I’m using the onboard audio, via 3.5mm–>RCA phono lead to my amp. I’ve played with the buffer size setting, within the UI but nothing has had any effect.

The files I’m playing are being stored on /mnt/NAS from the defaullt install.

Any suggestions anyone? Why might my music suddenly stop playing for several seconds at a time?

I’ve not got a massive collection of music but I have tried to keep it all as flac. I don;t appear to have any issue when playing 128K MP3 streams.

Is it connected in wireless? If yes, try wired ethernet please

The files are playing from the local hard-drive. How does the wireless/wired issue, affect anything when playing files stored locally?

It is connected via wireless and I will make up a long LAN cable tomorrow, so as to connect via a wired interface.

edit to add:
I have obtained some 320kbps MP3 recordings and these play without hiccup. I am starting to think the issue is only present when playing flac files

I have checked the sound card and it claims to be Intel HDA

It’s taken me a while to respond.

I’ve connected the laptop to the network via ethernet cable rather than by wifi and the problem is still there.

As suspected, changing the networking has had no effect, as the files are stored on a local hard drive, rather than on a networked resource.

My suspicion is that it is caused due to resampling the 24bit flac files into 16bit, due to the limitations of the onboard audio of the laptop. Does this sound likely to anyone#?