Don't have Tidal and Qobuz login under sources


I’m on the Virtuoso plan and just upgraded to Volumio 3, but under the sources setting login to Tidal and Qobuz are not there - any ideas why?


what browser are you using ? use chrome :slight_smile:

I’ve tried Firefox and Edge - I’ll give Chrome a try and se it that helps


firefox and edge wil not show all the things … and all code is based on chrome

Just installed Chrome - no difference still no access to Tidal and Qobuz login under Sources

did you try to reboot your volumio? and log out & back in to myvolumio allready?

strange he misses 5 and myvolumio streaming service.
it could be that he’s logged in on firefox and not with chrome…

I think I’ll do a reinstall

Just tried - didn’t help - I’ll do a reinstall

A reinstall did the trick - thank you for your help - have a nice evening!


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I’ve successfully upgraded to Volumio 3 and logged in on Qobuz with Firefox. Also on Virtuoso. So, Firefox is not definitely the problem…