[done] Full Spotify integration

Great work on continuing the evolution of the raspyfi platform!

Although the UI is shiny and simple, the sound quality is superb and the stability is awesome, there is one feature lacking that prevents me (and mainly my girlfriend) from really embracing it: lack of Spotify support. Although the sound quality with Spotify always remains an issue, sometimes you just want to discover music and browse through unknown territory. A full integration (or plugin) that supports Spotify will massively improve the overall experience for me, and places it right next to systems like Sonos.

Thanks again for all the work!


Agree. I did wait for this update but found despotify was still broken. When looking further I found this project: http://www.woutervanwijk.nl/pimusicbox/. It supports Spotify in the browser, like volumio does for local?NAS content. It also has the possibility to play webradio. It unfortunately lacks superb audio and playing from NAS capabilities. …

Yep, this uses mopidy instead of Mpd. Mopidy has full Spotify support, but lacks in flexibility and audio quality performances… That’s why I chose not to use it…

Any updates on the Spotify support ?


I’d be interested in hearing more details about what is currently missing.

Currently I don’t have volumio nor a device to run it on , but I’m planning to setup something soonish, but I would need spotify support for WAF (wife acceptance factor)

Given that I’m a dev myself, I might be able to lend a hand if I knew what is missing (although no promises at this point…)

I don’t believe theres’s much development needed at all for this. Volumio uses MPD for music playback, PiMusicBox uses Mopidy. Mopidy is a drop-in replacement for MPD, only with spotify support.

The only thing you’d need to do is:

  • Fetch latest mopidy from github (or an older release from apt)
  • Configure it with paths and audio settings identical to mpd.conf and add the spotify specific details
  • Play.

I’ll have a go at this tonight if I get the chance.


I would love to see this as well. I am currently using Mopidy and their devs created a seperate spotify extension which is available here:

mii, have you started working on this yet?
Let me know if I can help

Yep, you could look into a binding from current mpd to Mopidy-Spotify . I want to keep current mpd since it sounds better…
I was also thinking to use pyspotify

It should be simple to add python bindings to Volumio WebUI

Any updates on this ? :sunglasses:

I’m curious as well whether there is any update?
Spotify/Grooveshark implementation is what would make volumio useful in my opinion.

You can install squeezelite on the volumio installation.

See http://www.gerrelt.nl/RaspberryPi/wordpress/tutorial-installing-squeezelite-player-on-raspbian/

Then you can install the 3rd party (TRIODE) spotify plugin. Not extremely convenient as you need to install the Squeezeserver on your NAS or PC and need two URL’s or apps, but it does work. And the advantage is that Volumio’s audio quality is in my ears better than Squeezelite.

Spotify would be a great thing to add to Volumio. I have limited experience with programming (a bit of python), but would like to give this a try. However I would need some help. This project might be beyond my skills?

So far I managed (via ssh) to install pyspotify (and libspotify), mopidy (it has an mpd extension). Now I would like to edit the webUI to include Spotify. My thought was to use some code from Pi Musicbox (uses Mopidy and pyspotify together) and add it as a tab in the bottom of the webUI. Can I simply make a new line of code in line 102 of the _header.php and add the Pi MusicBox code as a panel in indextlp.html (/templates/)? I tried simply doubling the code (to make an extra playlist panel), but it does not change anything in the webUI.

Any help and suggestions are welcome! I really feel a good implementation of Spotify would make Volumio useful for a lot more people.

michelangelo - you posted earlier that MPD ‘sounds better’ than Mopidy - would you be willing to elaborate as to why? I assume it has to do with GStreamer?

Also, you mentioned that Mopidy lacks flexibility - one of the issues I have with Volumio (MPD in general) - beyond despotify issues is the lack of playlist support - for instance use case: add song to playlist (picked from list of playlists), among other things.

Nice work with the library tab and other updates, by the way - very much enjoy using Volumio.

Hi Nord,

I have been struggling with the problem you are reporting when I worked on my project to add artwork support to Volumio.
All what you need to know is there is some cache (really efficient by the way as it does not clear often). There is a hidden menu in Volumio you can access only typing the URL directly in your browser. It is something like “dev.php”. You can check in “/var/www” for the exact name of the resource. I’ not at home so I can not verify myself.
In this tab you will get access to some kind of development tools. This is where You can disable the APC cache (don’t forget to restart PHP to take effect).

Let me know :slight_smile:

I have recently started using Volumio after receiving my HifiBerry DAC for my Raspberry Pi. Very impressed so far, and I would just like to add my support for Spotify integration. This would really complete the package.



would be a very worthwhile feature. Although I have a NAS which I have been using for the last couple of years, Spotify has almost completely replaced it because it is like having an infinite music library.


hellooooo ?

first post is from 2013, since then people trying to integrate Spotify in Volumio
Its already on the To-Do list: http://volumio.org/forum/suggest-feature-collection-t1482.html (with many other features)

Guys, just to let you know: it’s feasible and I’m working on that!!!

Hi Michelangelo,

Did you manage to get it up and running? I would like to get Sporify Connect running for the people in my house hold who cannot be bothered to use another client.

Great work on Volumio, I just discovered it yesterday and I must say I’m impressed!
I’m thinking of switching from my squeezebox to Volumio permanently. (both running on Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry)