donate? via paypal?

hello I got an rpi3 currently using USB into an Auralic DAC and a hifi berry digi+ pro coming soon.

is there a way to donate money via paypal to buy you some coffee or weed? I appreciate this OS but I can’t code so I want to contribute with dollars if that is ok.

Hi bullethead.
i found this link for paypal donate:

hey thank you, I found a donate button with paypal on the download page.


Thank you man!
Another great way to get us coffee or other stuff is to support us via patreon:

Thanks! :wink:

Ah, fine. I did not go to the bottom of the download site.
michelangelo gives us a litle challenge to find it :wink:

Thank you all again for your fantastic building of this great work.

Hope you can get two good cups of coffee with my donation, I am in New York USA and a good cup of coffee is expensive :wink: