Does Volumio2 fully support hifiberry dac+ pro ?

Does Volumio2 fully support hipiberry dac+ pro ??
work with the clocks on dac+ pro??

This is something I too would like to know. I’m just about to buy one, but if it’s not utilizing the clocks I might just as well by the regular one.

Please wait some days, I am testing stuff as we speak

Oh great. I hope for the best and buy one tomorrow! :smiley:

HI @Michelangelo,

When you’ve got this board better supported, what do you expect to hear differently with this?

Chris M

if the driver can utilize the HB onboard clocks to reclock the I2S signal, it will most likely give an improvement on the sound quality of the DACs output signal.

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I’ve been reading a about the DAC+ Pro and I’m a bit confused. I read somewhere here on the forum, that the DAC+ Pro works with Volumio, but the default Rpi clock is used.
However, a post on the HiFiBerry support forum hints that the correct driver automatically uses the DAC+ Pro clocks and this driver is in the Rpi-Kernel since v4.1.10
Archimagos review of the board concludes the jitter-measurements with “excellent”, which sounds to me that the DAC+ Pro clocks are already in use. For his test setup he uses Volumio 2 version for Raspberry Pi - 0.979 release date 20-08-2016

This sounds to me as if everything is already in place, or do I get things wrong?

I have mine up and running now. It sure works but I have no idea whether it runs on its own clocks or the RPi one.
Sounds really good though. And if a software “hack” can make it sound even better that would be cool.

I asked this question of HFB and Daniel’s response was:

the drivers are included in the standard Raspbian kernel.

So the drivers are there and will be used by anything using those boards.

Cool, thanks for your answers!

My DAC+ Pro will arrive tomorrow, so I’ll be able to test it myself.

At first I got hit by the Rpi3 Wifi bug, but I’m using an old Wifi-dongle for now.
Otherwise the DAC+ Pro works great out of the box with Volumio and the sound is fantastic!

I can’t get the DAC working :frowning: I’m using the latest volumio version and selected “Hifiberry DAC” with no success. Theres no audio output out of the two RCA Jacks.
Is there anything else i have to configure?


To me it seems to work with the latest Volumio. I measured the trigger of its onboard clocks and could see that it does switch clocks according to 44.1 or 48 kHz files.
The trigger signal comes from the dac’s ic. The clocks output signal is combined and leads back to the ic and to the pi.