Does Volumio for ODROID C2 support local browser?


I want to build a player with ODROID C2 and WaveShare 7" TFT IPS touch screen.
Does Volumio for ODROID C2 support local browser and touch screen?


Not yet, we’re working on the kernel to enable this

Done and will be in the next release.
Someone on the forum verified my C2 test image with a WaveShare 7".
I used a VU7 and a VU7+, both OK.



Thanks so much

Does volumio-2.040-2016-12-09-odroidc2.img works on that?
I am using WaveShare 7" IPS HDMI display©, ( same spec as VU7 Plus),
How I can change resolution?

Yes, it should. Resultion needs to be changed in /boot, there are a number of boot.ini.XXX filesprepared for certain devices.
Take the one for VU7 Plus and rename it to boot.ini and install the plugin.