Does Volumio and 3+ Pi or 4 PI accepts 5GHz wifi connection?

Hello to all, dear forum people.

I am very simple / beginner user of Volumio and Pi. I have a iMac computer that I am using for streaming music (Tidal and my own files) to the Pi by Volumio software.
Unfortunately, recently my router from Spectrum has broke and these guys at Spectrum are not longer making models that broadcast in 2.4 and 5 GHz, but only one band, and there is no way to chose any longer. Long story short - at this point I am not able to use my Volumio on my Pi since it does take only 2.4 GHz band.

Question : should I purchase a third party router in order to get my 2.4 GHz back to Volumio streaming needs OR I can simply purchase a newer version of Pi (3+ or even 4) and use it on 5GHz. Will Volumio software run on newer Pi on 5GHz or I am making it all too complicated.?

Please help, in very much in need for help on this matter

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I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it’s connected to my 5 GHz network. So a Pi 4 would definitely connect too.

Thank you for the reply.
Are you running Volumio on it? My main concern is In the Volumio ability to stream from my iMac using AirPlay to the Pi.?
Please let me know

Yes, I’m running Volumio.
Volumio supports Apple Airplay (among other streaming protocols). … to_volumio

You will think that is the case but since my 1st pi4 from last year, none of the 5g WiFi really works on PI 4, pi 3 does work, all different version of volumio

Same card, put on pi3, 5g works, put back to pi 4 it won’t

I need the 5g for faster speed file transfer on music files and reliable connection on Dona streaming

My iMac works with a 5G wifi connection, and I can easily run the Volumio software.

My RPi4 is running the latest 2.x Volumio and is using 5GHz wifi.

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Running two RPI4 with latest Volume using 5GHz Wifi without any problems.