Does this forum need a switch?

Dear all,

I really like volumio. After realising, that there is a new version a couple of weeks ago I switched to volumio 2 and I´m happy with it*.

From time to time I´m browsing through this forum, picking up threads seeming interesting and than - it´s very often stuff relating to the old version.
According to the complete new build of volumio 2 this isn´t very helpfull - or better a time killer.
I would like to find what fits to my release more directly.

So my suggestion is to reorganize the forum into the two(?) major releases to make it easier for users identifing which help or sugesstion or guide is suitable for the release she/he uses.

What are you thinking about this?


Black Senator

  • beside a few minor issues - childhood illnesses which will be cured in the near future

Yes, absolutely agree… I’ll also open a Call for new moderators soon…