Does the connection type matter?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v3.219
Hardware: Pi3b
DAC:hifiberry dac+

My dac has 2 phono ports, I thought i HAD to use those to connect to my amp for the best sound, BUT during research on options and builds, I noticed that some users in fact still connect the HDMI port to an amp to get the sound from the pi…and do NOT use the phono ports…

I understand the dac is doing the C part of the work, but can either port be used for the full output?


Do you mean RCA (or cinch) with “phono ports”?
If so I would highly recommend to use these instead of HDMI. I have no prove why, but my own experience was ALWAYS better sound via the analog outputs.

RCA, yeah i’m stumped by this one, I would have thought the mere fact the connections are there would indicate the output would be directed to them rather than available off of the HDMI port, but this was a well know audiophile who suggested it in view of your amp having HDMI inputs.

Well I guess you are talking about comparing the i2s DAC with your amp DAC. At some point you will have to do the digital to analogue conversion.

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