Does the alarm clock persist?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.046
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B
DAC: Allo Piano

I learned how to create a playlist with a radio station and set up an alarm. Yesterday morning it worked. After the alarm went off I shut down the PI and booted it in the evening. Today it didn’t work. As a test, this morning after having coffee I changed the time on the alarm to five minutes after the current time and it worked. In none of these cases was the playlist on the current queue.

Does the alarm setting persist? I. e. can you set the alarm and expect it to work every day until you delete it? I know, this is a beta version. I’m assuming, based on the features list that the alarm function is no different from the current production version. BTW, a nice to have would be more detailed documentation of the alarm function.

What I’ve learned is that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t put the necessary time into figuring out exactly what’s going on but I’ve noticed that rebooting seems to disable the alarm even though it’s configured to work. Also sometimes the radio station needs to be in the current queue and sometimes it doesn’t. I decided that my time would be worth more finding something that works. I’ve written it off as unreliable.

A cron job using mpd works every time. It has the attendant inconvenience of editing the crontab file if something changes and creating the one item playlist by hand but as long as you don’t make any errors in the string it will work every time.