Does Odroid C2 release work with 3.5" shield screen

Does adding this screen to the Odroid C2 bring any value to the Volumio implementation? … 7435282441
Is it supported, does following the setup information give anything?
Can I use it to display Volumio GUI?
thanks in advance for the tips!

As with any screen it would be a case of having one to try to get it working with Volumio, as it will be difficult to give a definitive answer otherwise. The
Hardkernal 3.5" screen is officially supported under Ubuntu, and I would not know if the same install procedure would get it working under Volumio 1.5 (Raspbian) or Volumio 2(not sure on Linux flavour).

G2 Labs also do a DAC/3.5" screen combo, but details are also scarce on install instructions for the screen. … er=product

If the manufacturer supported install does not work for the Linux flavour that Volumio runs on then you will need to use Notro’s drivers to try and get it working -

I am tempted to buy one of the Hardkernel 3.5" screens and another Odroid C2 and try and get it working.

I think adding a screen to Volumio certainly adds value to the implementation (RPi with Adafruit 3.5")

bought the screen, will report if it works !
won’t be able to put too much effort into it though.
Thanks for the G2 link, very interesting!

Hardkernel tested Volumio 2s brand new kiosk plugin on a C2 and seemingly got it to work with their 5" and 7" LCDs.
3.5" shield is next, obviously HK are very keen on helping us getting it into a regular volumio image.
I’m checking now how to integrate this for the various devices they have.