does it work with Google Play ?

does Volumio work with Google Play ?

If you mean google play music, then no…

Are there any plans to include the chromecast protocol? So the volumio streamer can be used by Android just like AirPlay on Apple?

Is there a problem in principle with that protocol?

EDIT: scratch that. Apparently google is not very forthcoming with the receiving side of the protocol. I don’t really understand why, since I don’t think there is much money to be made with the chromecast itself.

We’ve been asking google for a while for both Google Play and Google Chromecast. They did not allow us to get neither SDK

Am I right to understand that means Google Assistant and the various devices that can use it like Google AIY and Google Home etc etc are not allowed in by Volumio so that one could command Volumio from “OK Google Play …” then Volumio plays what requested.

Since Google AIY operates from Python Code where one can modify at will maybe that would be a way in ??

Just seemed like a wonderfully time consuming Lockin Project to get working.