Does anyone ported Volumio on Odroid-XU4 ?

Hi all,
looking where to buy ODROID C1, I found on the web a real beast: the ODROID-XU4.
Volumio + XU4 seem to be a real bomb :smiling_imp: !!!
Does anyone ported Volumio on Odroid-XU4 ?

Hi Lu,
no, there is no XU4 port and I doubt if there is going to be one.
The device is very powerful and porting itself would not be the problem.
But though the XU4 has an I2S port, it lacks an I2S driver at the moment.
This limits you to use HDMI out or an external USB DAC.

Honestly, I believe an XU4 has no real advantages over a C1+ when used for Volumio only.
Unless you would run it with the Cloud option and build it as a standalone device.
But then, even more costs :slight_smile:


Thanks Gรจ :slight_smile:
Thatโ€™s fine, then I will begin with the purchase c1+
It is also much cheaper :smiley: