Does anyone know about the DAC / AMP / DSP card in this device?


I purchased a second hand DIN rail mounting audio device, which contains a Raspberry Pi, and a card attached to the GPIO pins containing DAC, DSP and amplifier functions.

Has anyone used one of these DAC/Amplifier boards … or have any ideas how I should get started in getting it to play nicely? The original company won’t give any information away -I’ve been in touch already.

I’ve got a Supstronics X400 board that is great, but would like to build up a second player with this DAC/Amp if I can.

All pointers will be appreciated.

Thank you,

John (MrDog)

Hopefully some photos of the board will be included in this post.

On the other side of the board is an ADAU1701 chip

I have to admit I’m confused with what your asking

The system appears to come with LMS already installed, as for no help, they have a youtube channel explaining how to set up each module, including the control software for mac or pc

or, are you planning on installing volumio on it instead of the pre-installed software?

Hello Andrew,

I have the hardware, but not the SD card image for the device. I’m hoping to resurrect it in to a volumio system.


I’d put a SD card in then with volumio on, connect it to the LAN & power, then try each DAC driver to see if any worked out the box, just make sure you have a set of unwanted headphones in the audio output jack - some amps don’t don’t like being switched on with no output load