Does anyone have a link to Tinker Board Volumio 2 images?

I think I need to revert my Volumio Primo box back to version 2 installation. I know it is not supported, but at least it was working.


As a myVolumio customer, you are entitled to technical support as well - please raise a ticket! :slight_smile:

But, did you also check the blue banner on top the for forums? :wink:

@sngreen, I have a tinker board too, not yet tested. Could you grant a couple of comments on how this board works, what are the problems, etc?

I downloaded those files (from the blue banner), flashed to a USB stick, plugged in, rebooted, nothing happens. It goes back to what is already installed. If I am doing this wrong.

I contacted Volumio, they are not responding.

You mean how volumio3 works on it?

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yes, or v2

I use other than volumio’s own control app for streaming; hifi cast, it works pretty fine for me. With v3 it no longer plays in gapless and randomly stops at the end of each track. Most of the time. I tried other apps; mconnect, Bubble UPnP, Media Monkey … they all showed the same behavior. Volumio’s own app is does play continuously, but when streaming from AssetUPnP it does not play the first song in the folder, which means the last song can not be played either unless the track before it is selected. So the selected tracks do not in fact get selected, but only the tracks after it. Same is with the web interface. Volumio2 is the same, but at least it could play without stops when controlled with the 3rd party apps, which worked quite nicely for me.

Thanks. I am striving to get my AudioPhonics DAC to work with Volumio3, but so far not successful. But the same DAC works fine with Ropieee (Roon bridge, not the Roon plugin in Volumio), so I am about to think that V3 perhaps is launched a bit too early and that work is needed to get it in stable mode. But since I am new to Volumio, it could also be me having 10 thumbs. Next days will show.

The fact that it can not be rolled back to the previous and its original version is not too early, it is a screwup. And it would not matter if it was some free software one downloaded from someplace to tinker with, it is a completely different story when we are talking about the commercial product that they are so proud of. It is mindboggling.

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Hm. I have this year also tried Audirvana, which from my a little aged laptop produces remarkably good sound, better than Roon by immediate observation. No idea what they have done, but it is really promising. A bummer then, that their software, in particular the Android remote, is stacked with bugs and creating a situation of unusability. Since I create Android apps myself, I can actually see how they use the system the wrong way, and have explained to them, but the french feedback on that is soso. They will loose out if they do not shape up. So Volumio is not alone. But I think I have problems that should be solvable with a little patience.

I don’t have much constructive stuff to contribute on this Friday afternoon :smiley:

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