Does anybody use the Lusya Volumio Raspberry Pi DAC?

This looks like a very attractive DAC for use with Volumio … if it works! It comes with an IR Remote Control for £16.22 including 10 Day Delivery from AliExpress

search the forum there are some using it…

I didn’t find any answers, only other questions :frowning:

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Hi, I bought this DAC, use it daily and very happy with it. Firstly it is great value for money, es9038q2m chip, remote, and LCD for around $70.
I dont have other DAC hats to compare it to, but I have bought and sold hi-end and vintage audio for many years and have had quite a few decent front ends. I’d say with the help of the progression of technology, it easily beats anything I have had previously, including Linn and Chord.
The level of detail, I think is amazing, good overall balance, no hiss, hum or drop-outs. Lovely.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Lusya DAC.

I initially bought one of these DAC Hats while waiting for availability of the IQAudIO DAC Pro but was so impressed with the results that I have settled on it for my needs: PCM5122 Raspberry pi B+ 2/3B HIFI DAC + Sound Card Digital Audio Module I2S Interface Special Volumio Music PIR 2B 3|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

A feature of this Hat is that the 5V dc supply taken from the RPi is isolated through a DC to DC converter and smoothed on the Board to supply the DAC and Audio circuits, giving complete isolation of any digital noise or Power rail interference. The resultant sound is very pure and beats any CD Player I have access to.

I was interested on the IQAudIO Pro because it boasted separate dual Clocks but from reviews I have seen, I am unlikely to discern the difference.

I would be interested to hear is anybody disagrees or knows better. - Robin