Does anybody have experience with Volumio and so is it any good?

Hello everyone,

So I’m looking into making my own streamer as the ones for sale are all so expensive for my needs. I was looking into the Volumio software that you can just run on a raspberry pi and was planning on adding a hifiberry dac+ pro to improve sound quality. Does anybody have any experience with this and how good is this?

Hi Serjio,

Maybe you noticed that Volumio offers a lot of capabilities for different use cases.

Your planned setup sounds good, but for about the same money you could get an AROIO DAC which does sound better.

What exactly do you plan to do ?

webradio, tidal, local music from NAS or local storage, airplay, dlna … ???

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I have just set up pi 4 b with a ALLO DIGI one and using a Schiit modi 3 DAC getting excellent results the sound is excellent using this set up I tried the hifiberry DAC two hd. Did not care for the sound , thin lacking presence. Using a parasound pre with Emovitia power amp through a pair of Sonas Faber speakers. And hifiman sundara headphones through a Pass Dyi Wammy headphone amp. It’s not a perfect system but reasonable priced streaming device with good hi quality sound.

Do you have an external DAC?

If you have it and supports usb simply get a rpi4.

If you don’t and don’t want to spend much money get that hifiberry or an allo and install any os.

Volumio and moode both have support for Spotify connect and UPNP for Tidal.

Don’t bother with Volumio’s paid subscription is not worth it simply use the free version

Has anybody also added a touchscreen and used the plugin for this? I might add one later and would it be best to use the pi 3 or pi 4 if I want to add a touchscreen too?

Running Volumio on Pi 3b+ with Allo DigiOne Signature connecting to Schitt Modi 3 Dac to Hafler preamp/poweramp setup. Using Spotify and tidal. This is my main music listening setup averaging 4 hours a day. Zero issues. :slight_smile:

My setup is on a Pi 3+. It just came out at the time. I have a 7" touch screen and I used the Touch display plugin. It has been working fine.

All good.
I am a complete noob, so check anything i say.
It is pretty flexible and fun.
I have put volumio on a pi zero (w) in the garage with a cheap aliexpress dac hat.
I run it headless and use my phone to control it.
Well, I don’t actually bother, I have it set up so it plays auto when switched on.
I currently have it playing Radio Paradise, but could also use it to play stuff from micro sd card or a connected usb stick or hard drive.
I am thinking of setting up a nas and running it off that.

Indoors, I am using a rpi3b+ and aiming (gradually) at somewhat higher end/great value end.
I rather like with it that you can plug hdmi in and use monitor, run it from phone or go for a display.
What confused me the most to start with is the amount of options.
You can use it for pretty much what you want and pick what quality you are after.
Pick a budget.

I haven’t found anything that volumio can’t do that i would like it to do yet.

Apparently, the usbridge sig is a less noisy basis than the pi though.
But that is a chunk of budget higher.