Does Amazon Alexa Integration Work for Anyone? Not for me

Hi there folks,
I just upgraded from the free tier to the paid in order to get the Alexa integration. However, I keep getting the response back from Alexa “Sorry, Volumio isn’t Responding”. Has anyone got Alexa integration to work? I’m also curious what phrases seem to work for you. For example, does it only support play, pause, volume, or can you say something like “Play The beetles on Volumio” if you have a music service connected in the alexa app (you can do this with Sonos since it shows up as a speaker in the app).

Note that my volumio instance is called “volumio” and it’s active in the amazon alexa app and I’m logged into my paid account in the volumio RPI 4 site. “Volumio” is showing up as an active speaker in the alexa app, but it just seems like the amazon servers can’t reach the Volumio servers (or something like that) when I say anything to alexa (i.e., “alexa, play volumio”, or “alexa, pause volumio”). It always just responds: “Sorry, Volumio isn’t Responding”. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help folks!

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.917
Hardware: RPI 4 B

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately this is due to AWS blocking the functions used by the Alexa skills due to an administrative problem. We are trying to solve them as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking into this and for the quick reply!

Hi, what about the German Alexa skill?

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We can also take a look at that :wink:

Will keep you guys posted

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That would be great, I would really appreciate to use volumio with alex <3

Just wondering if there is an update for this? Same situation as OP. Upgraded to paid tier for Alexa skill.
I can connect account, and voluminous is discovered as a smart speaker, but get a “audio and radio playback is not supported on this device” response when I try to use it.

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I never ended up getting it to work unfortunately. I guess it’s still broken. Given it was the one reason I upgraded to paid from the open source version, I ended up going back to the free version during the 2 week trial period. Bummer.

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