DNS server settings

Hello, how do I change the DNS server. It is easily possible to change the resolv.conf by a resolv.conf with other than the google dns servern?
Or can it cause problems to change the default DNS?
Why is there not the possibility to configure alternative DNS in the settings?

I don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t change the DNS settings if you want to. Most people will be quite happy with the Google ones set by default. I don’t see it being necessary to include control of this from within the Volumio UI.

maybe because of this
“Google Public DNS is a way of blocking or filtering when governments or institutions think it’s necessary to preserve the users security.”

I’m not sure I’d want to be able to change network behaviour from within a music application, it seems to be the wrong place to do it. Surely you’d manage this from your DHCP provider (whatever that is)?

Of course, I also do not use the DNS server of my ISP
Only the WAN IP is assigned

My router allows the free DNS configuration.

If you assign the DNS via DHCP, then if you rename /etc/resolv.conf. head to /etc/resolv.conf.tail, the Google servers will be after your own.

Or edit /etc/resolv.conf.head to what you want.


Thanks EddyA, can you tell me where I find the vi the resolv.conf.head to edit?
My stationary clients do not use DHCP.

Volumio doesn’t include vi. Try nano.


Please check this

In addition, would indeed be nice if UI for manual IP settings would also allow DNS entry.