DNS Management and Volumio in a Car


I read yesterday a topic about setting up Volumio on a car and cutting the DNS to allow your phone managing the data and Volumio to play music from the hotspot. But I don’t remember and can’t find the url using my history.

Nevermind, I would like to share with you my coming project, setup Volumio to listen some music on my old car while keeping my original radio.
The challenge will be to connect my phone on the Volumio Hotspot wifi, while using the data connect from my phone where the music will come from.

I’ve purchased a Pi Zero 2W and a dac, to optimise the consumption and battery life :slight_smile:

For those who already when through what were your connection setup? how did you manage local network and data together?
Pi zero: hotspot, no access to internet, music receiver.
Phone: 4G, and connection to local network, music transmitter

Currently, I’m testing the setup with a Pi 3 and Volumio 2.8 but for some reason I can’t get through the Volumio Hotspot. Each time I’m disconnecting the device from internet I’m not able to connect to the hotspot despite hotspot activated Volumio.
I’ll also do a test using the latest version of Volumio OS.


Use your phone as wifi hotspot, and let the pi connect to that.

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This is an option but not the one I’m looking for.
My aim is to allow also other people in the car to stream their music coming from their phone.

Where can we delete or let empty the dns value on Volumio?
Only resolv.conf require to be edited?