DNLA between 2 RPi

Hello all.
I’m using 2 RPi 3b+ both with Volumio version 2 and the Mini DNLA plugin installed.
When I click on ‘Media Servers’, each Pi can ‘see’ itself as DNLA source but not the other Pi.
Can anyone please advise what is necessary to allow one Pi to see the other on the same network?
On the plugin settings, there’s a field for the URL that the other Pi sees.
What is the URL of the Pi?
Is it http…then the IP address?

Thanks for any advice that you can give.

If you are referring to “Presentation URL”: Quite some time ago Justin Maggard, the creator of MiniDLNA aka ReadyMedia, stated:

Normally this would be the URL of the server’s configuration or status page, but minidlna hasn’t implemented that.

To my knowledge this hasn’t changed: MiniDLNA still hasn’t a configuration or status page - apart from the one that can be reached on port 8200 (e.g. for a Pi with the network address “” in a browser you would enter and delivers some statistics about MiniDLNA’s media library and connected clients.

IMHO the “Presentation URL” is anyway without influence on whether a DLNA player recognizes a DLNA server. So changing the setting for the “Presentation URL” would not help with your issue.

I guess your problem is caused by the network configration. How are your PIs connected to the network? Has your router multicast enabled?

Thanks very much for your reply.
My two Pi’s are connected wirelessly to a (very basic) Post Office router - which, as far as I know is not multicast enabled - but I will look into its settings.

Thanks again.