DLNA Server(s) not visible at start

I just did the process as described above and took a log afterwards

Moderator edit: version 3.224

Exactly same issue here. DLNA server (Synology NAS) not visible after booting. After I switch on/off the DLNA toggle (sometimes twice) It’s starting to be visible.
My hardware is C2.

I don’t know there’s any correlation between the problem I have that from fully powered down state booting : The 1st attempt every LEDs blinking right but no volumio on the network. This time I have to powering down and up again for the proper booting.

Theses above two symptoms are existing from any versions of V3 Volumio. I’ve tested this on my two C2 hardware too.

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sorry, can’t be the same, at least not for the DLNA fix and the C2 has a completely different kernel from N2. Please don’t mix issues.
The C2 version you have is from before the DLNA was fixed, perhaps we have another issue here.
Let’s wait for more reactions.

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For the reboot issue please open a separate topic, on my C2’s I can’t reproduce it, so logs are needed.

I am wondering if I am really the only one having this issue. I have had it for a long time, on different Volumio HW Platforms and versions.
I have the issue in two different locations, using a Synology DS1815+ and an DS1019+. Both of them are running the Synology Media Server as well as MinimServer 2.1 Both servers are affected.
Maybe a Synology specific issue?

The hassle with this issue is that the workaround involves going to settings / sources and turning DLNA browser off and back on. Then back to browse to open the media servers page. This is really cumbersome.
A much simpler workaround would be to add a button “refresh DLNA servers” on the browse / DLNA server page, which would simply execute the above workaround. I think this would be a simple way to manually execute the workaround with one click.