DLNA discovery?

I may be about to ask a very stupid question. But I’ll ask it anyway.

Here’s my setup. As of two days ago, a Raspberry Pi 2, together with a Hifiberry DAC Plus Pro, is running Volumio 2. The DAC’s output feeds an Emotiva power amplifier coupled to a pair of B & W speakers. Another RPi2 is a media server. It runs minidlna, and has been around for a year or two.

I use Kodi to stream audio and video to my PC headphone setup. Kodi communicates with minidlna, and I simply enjoy the result. Also, I can use BubbleUPnP on my tablet to stream audio or video to my tablet or audio only to the RPi2 running Volumio, and hence to the power amp and speakers. This too works nicely. (Until Volumio came along, I used a Muzo Cobblestone, and before that, Bluetooth.)

What I want to do is open Volumio’s interface in my PC’s web browser, have it home in my media server, then play the media server’s music. But my search for a Volumio menu option that allows me to search for or select a DLNA server has been fruitless. Am I missing something obvious?