DLNA album list still truncated

I was hopeful that the latest Volumio release (3.233, RPi 3, iOS app) could display my entire DLNA music collection (~4000 albums), but this isn’t the case - I see no albums after the “D’s.” Forum posts about this issue extend back four years. Other music software seems to handle this amount of data - examples on iOS include Neutron Player, MusicStreamer, and mconnect. Developers typically solve this in two ways: (1) By allowing the user to specify a ceiling value in a configuration file (eg. “25 Mbytes” or an even more useful “6000 albums”) and the application attempts to allocate that much memory upon startup; or (2) the application allocates memory iteratively to cover each group of n titles returned from DLNA, with the looping continued until either the titles list or the available memory is exhausted. With all the music enthusiasts here, I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to listen to artists in all parts of the alphabet. Right now my workaround is selecting albums after “D” by release year, which requires a prior lookup in another application. I’ve got most of the release years for the Rolling Stones albums memorized :grinning: .