Hello gents, I have a few DIYINHK dacs and try to see what works. The es9023 works no problem. Now i try to get the 9018 or the 4495 to work but here is the issue. when i play 16 bit the sound is distorted. DSD works also. Only 16 bit streams fail. I also connected the I2C connections from the pi pins 3 and 5 to the I2C on the dacs.
Any ideas? Maybe I need to use a specific model before it works?

Additional info, resampling works, but not on spotify. thanks.

OK, it seems that my other threat got eaten by the bits monster.
Now, the AK4495 works like charm with the Kali reclocker and the HiFiBerry DAC plus driver. No luck with the AK4497 for some reason, cannot stream 16 bit without upsampling to 24, (no spotify).
The DIYINHK ES9038Pro arrived today and is in for a listen.
First, i have never had a DAC that requires so much power. I had to redo the PSU. Anyhow the sound is good. Much detail punch and cleaness. But it does not have the softness of the AK. I guess I need to spend some hours to see which one I prefer as these are both good but it depends on ones taste.
The ES dacs work with the ApplePi driver, all formats including native DSD.

Power supplies. Alpha and omega for good sound. Next step, fempto clock for the DAC.