DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box


The setup needs refinement. Currently, this is the initial screenshot.

Volumio 3 - 3.233
Now Playing - 0.1.3




Ok I quess you almost manage all settings. Now you have to center text and it’s size. I hope you achieve current results by manipulating now plaiyng settings, not by modifying files. If so, what result you would like to achieve.


It played with the settings today and I think that I found a good configuration to start.

Now it is time to focus on the case and a new power supply for the project.

Thank you very much by your support and hints. QJA


Good to see and read that another happy user did great job :slight_smile: congrats and good luck with case. When it’ll be finished, please show some photos here.

Hi @lausiv,
I have found this display, this is like yours?
RON 191.18 35%OFF | raspberry pi Aida 64 display 8.8 inch 1920x480 IPS LCD screen with 60Hz Driver board original brand new

Ps. Only the display is 39 Euro… I have thought that also the controller and display is 39…

Hi, without board it’s useless. So you have to choose most expensive option/full set. Btw. It’s still great price.

Hello. I’m starting a streamer project. I also want it in the 430th case, but I want a 14.9" screen on the entire front panel like the ROSE RS-150. Which resolution is better to choose for normal image output: 1280x790 or Wiseco 14 Inch 4K 3840X1100. well, in extreme cases, there is still 12.6 inch 1920*515. The basis will be on Khadash VIM1 until everything works, I’ll see if it’s worth ordering VIM3.


Due to the particularity of my rack, I decided to follow a easier DIY path to create just a support to the display.
See the pictures below:

Thanks by your support.


Looks really good and that song :wink:

still looking for the door. Found the door stopper. :slight_smile:


Sorry for offtopic but do you see any improvements if you are using these door stopper or you are using it only for stability of the hifi gear?

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You are right. All my door stoopers are on my Home Theater System. :joy: :joy: :+1:



I am using door stoopers over my components for stability and Vibration control. First time I saw this was in the John Darko site, and I decided to try. I have observed more details in the high frequency portion.
I use it in combination with sorbothane feet, with good results.
In my case, the components that have best results are: streamers (RPI/Pi2AES, AppleTV, Nvidia Shield TV Pro) and BD/CD Player. The result on the DAC is more subtle.
It worth a try in my opinion, it is a inexpensive tweak.


In order to understand better this solution, I have considered that it is important to show what is behind the display. The figure below, shows the main important components:
A) RPi4/Pi2AES (with a door stooper on top of it)
B) Teradak 30W 24V Power Supply
C) Linear Power Supply 15W 5V (for the Display only)

I am considering that in this layout, the components are all encapsulated and more imune to emission problems and interference. It will be easier to improve the components if I decided to do that later. I am starting to thing in a better power supply for the Rpi4/Pi2AES.

The fact that @lausiv used a Pi2AES was an inspiration for this solution. The Pi2AES is a very good streamer and very cost effective.

The material on the display is MDF.

I am monitoring the temperature on the rack. Up to this moment, it seems OK.





Hi, very nice project, i wanted to ask you if you could send me a copy of the system image, I have the same screen, paired with a raspberry.

Best regards


Ok no problem, but please show me which one.

Hi, thanks for the reply,

I have an RPI4 and I would like the image: Volumio 3 with 8.8 cal IPS 1920x480 screen.

Greets, Fabio

So to clarify, are you talking about this one background with violin?

yes exactly, very nice…

@lausiv Great project! Streamer looks fantastic. Just wondering if you could show how you mounted the display to the actual enclosure.