DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box

No problem - feel free to use it :slight_smile:

Eeeh? Where is the pic? :smiley:

Hi Lausiv,

Iā€™m totally new with Raspberry and Volumio, and want to build a streamer
i have to download the IMG, and have the RPI4/screen/I can use Win SCP to add or change Volumio

need wiring schematic, how to connect, is there a way that you make a link to download the img you have made.


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Strange, i have download the last version, but cannot make a connection with the RPI4 not with putty
not with WIN SCP, i can see local

Please enable SSH, volumio.local/dev

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Thanks I did not know this.

Where can I find the map to add the zip file,?



is there somebody that can help me out to make everything work, I have the large screen I have WIN SCP, RPI 3b. Please step by step Iā€™m totally new in programming


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did you enable ssh ? http://volumio.local/dev or ip of your http://< your ip> /dev

Hi, I admire your great project!
Have you used the display version with backlight adjustment?