DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box

did you enable ssh ? http://volumio.local/dev or ip of your http://< your ip> /dev

Hi, I admire your great project!
Have you used the display version with backlight adjustment?


can anyone can help me out.
please step by step.

where and must i place the files app_313defebe_1 and userconfig?

i can now get in the volumio


Hi Lausiv,

I have exactly the same setup as you.
but only the RPI3b. I don’t get this work

could you please inform me step by step what to do

many thanks

Hi - yes of course. Please describe current state and start point where are you just right now with this project.

Small update for volumio3 - there is whole plugin prepared and working with volumio3

It allow you configure (click by click) various looks also for 1920x480 screen - but you need volumio subscription. All you need is only use my userconfig file (which give you propper size and scale settings for this kind of display).

Good news is there is also peppymeter (which works and looks awesome) plugin which is working with 1920x480 resolution (this one is available whithout volumio subscription)

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I now have it working, but I want to adjust the screen as you have only

I have the same display, connected to the RPI3b with the latest version of Volumio
install the following plugin touch screen / contemporary advanced plugin 1.05 / waveshare 7.9 inch screen.

the display works, but try to adjust the screen with the settings of the plugin but nothing happen


ok - I’m not sure if it the same screen (regard to resolution). BTW make sure you’ve changed first setting in volumio settings “appearance” - user interface layout Design to “Manifest”

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ah nobody mentions this now it’s working
only how can I adjust the hight
my screen is a 7.9inch HDMI LCD Display - Capacitive Touch - 400x1280

many thanks

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Not shure what hight you are talking about. Could you attach some screenshot?

I guess he’s using the 1280x480 on a 1280x400 display.
Had the same, needed to create my own background and panel.


i also have the same display you have, but because it does not work i try another one.
could you give me your config.txt then i will try that


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Just to avoid confusion,
I was referring to Peppymeter, but it seems you’re referring to something else?

please look at the second post there is a ziped userconfig file

could you tell me where I must place the files which map?

you should put it into boot folder, there should be also config.txt

I saw your Pi2AES solution just now. Amazing job. Congratulations.

Regards, QJA

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I am starting to develop a box similar with the one proposed by @lausiv on this topic. I also have a Pi2AES/Rpi4 and I bought the same display used here.
The issue now is how to configure the Volumio 3 SW.
Based on what I understood. I need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Touch Display plugin and enabled it? - OK

  2. Enable the contemporary_advanced plugin in the plugin section.
    under settings you could alter many options. I could not find this plugin, where does it reside?

Sorry, if it is very basic, but I am start to learn.

Thanks by your support.

Regards, QJA


this plugin will alter the layout and many more but no vu meters

this plugin will give you the vu meters


Thanks by your support and prompt response.

I tried to install the Contemporary_Advanced plugin. However, I received an error of No matching version - no installation possible!

I used this link to copy the file:

Did I make some mistake?

Regards, QJA