DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box

in the touch display plugin is a option to rotate.

or do this…

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ok this is great i copied the ipconfig file but what do i do with the app-313 file?

How do i use this file?


Why don’t you use my userconfig file? It should work for your screen as well. There is rotation and full streaching to all borders of the screen.

It is better to use userconfig instead of config - config file can be replaced after some updates of volumio system.

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Thanks Lausiv

I have done that now and it seems to be working properly, i also used it in the userconfig file.

what do i do with your UI css file?

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You can replace original one, but I suggest to use additional menu following 2aCD thread.

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What are you using to power down the system?

putty ssh : sudo shutdown
or in volumio UI shutdown >> power off

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Wow, i found this by serving on the internet, im totally new.
is there a way to make make this so that i can download this and use it on the RPI
i don’t know how to do this.

maybe there is somebody that can help me out.

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Have run the screen in general with volumio? What exactly is state of your project? In which step do you need help.

Would you mind sharing that pic you´re using as background. I think it´s perfect! :slight_smile: :star_struck:

No problem - feel free to use it :slight_smile:

Eeeh? Where is the pic? :smiley:

Hi Lausiv,

I’m totally new with Raspberry and Volumio, and want to build a streamer
i have to download the IMG, and have the RPI4/screen/I can use Win SCP to add or change Volumio

need wiring schematic, how to connect, is there a way that you make a link to download the img you have made.


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Strange, i have download the last version, but cannot make a connection with the RPI4 not with putty
not with WIN SCP, i can see local

Please enable SSH, volumio.local/dev

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Thanks I did not know this.

Where can I find the map to add the zip file,?



is there somebody that can help me out to make everything work, I have the large screen I have WIN SCP, RPI 3b. Please step by step I’m totally new in programming


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did you enable ssh ? http://volumio.local/dev or ip of your http://< your ip> /dev

Hi, I admire your great project!
Have you used the display version with backlight adjustment?


can anyone can help me out.
please step by step.

where and must i place the files app_313defebe_1 and userconfig?

i can now get in the volumio