DIY Streamer with HiFiBerry DAC2 HD and 11.9" Display


This is my DIY streamer with 11.9" display

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) with USB-C Power Support

DAC: HiFiBerry DAC2 HD

Case: HiFi 2000 Galaxy GX388 with reinforced base plate

Display: Waveshare 11.9" with HDMI

OS: Volumio 3 with Now-Playing plugin


This is incredibly nice. I wouldn’t mind making something similar that can sit on the top of my Cambridge Audio ‘One’ receiver system that I use with my Pi4 and Volumio.

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Very cool! Can you dim the backlight of the display?

There is a switch on the display board that can be used to adjust the brightness.

But it is not accessible with the housing closed

Looks almost professional. Well done

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I love it, well done!


Beautiful setup… Question… Is there enough power out of the usb output to sufficiently
power a 2.5 ssd without any issues?

With the original power supply and the entry max_usb_current=1 in the config.txt should not be a problem.

But I didn’t test it!

Nice job on this!
In process on my own streamer: can you tell me where you ordered the female-to-female RCA adapters that you mounted in the rear of the case?

I ordered here

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is that a custom face plate you made for the chassis?

Yes, it‘s a custom face plate

I designed and ordered it here

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yes, used the same company for my front plates.

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Amazing Work !!!
Where do you find the screen config (to write in config.txt) ?
Do you received it from Waveshare ?

Greetings from Belgium


its in their wiki. Waveshare has good documentation available. And put it in the userconfig.txt.

Thanks a lot, it’s all i need

oh no. I should have never seen this

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