DIY Streamer concept

Hi I am conceptualizing my streamer project and would like to find out how Volumio experts would tackle my feature list.
My main purpose will be to stream Spotify which I believe wont be an issue
however what would be the best way to incorporate a color display to ideally allow switching from Album cover picture and streaming data to two audio decibel output level meters (both options displayed alternatively on the same high res. display).
Could I incorporate a visualization Add On and does anybody have a suggestion that would look elegant and allow these two themes ?
Or would it be easier/better to use the Rasperry purely to run Volumio and add graphic display as a separate entity, connected to the analogue outputs with separate diver electronic (that would not allow artist info). Alternatively some DAC hats for the Pi might allow added display functionality ?
Would Volumio allow hardware switches to be incorporated for e.g. Pause, Forward etc (not a must) ?