Disused genres isare not cleaned up after update

This is another minor bug but still would be nice to fix. When I first looked at my ‘genre’ listing I found many problem tags, e.g. “classica” and “classical” were two separate genres (the former being the Italian equivalent of the latter). I re-tagged the files with the ‘classica’ tag to ‘classical’ but after an update, the ‘classica’ genre was still listed, even though there were now no albums listed under that genre. It seems that once a genre has been added to the list it is not cleaned up after an update. Deleting my source and indexing the whole library from scratch seems to be the only way to clean up these leftover genre tags.

This was discussed in depth some weeks ago, the problem turned out to be files in a recylebin containing deleted tracks that had the offending genres.

Once they were deleted, the update did remove the offending tags

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Thanks for that. Should the user manually empty the trash bin or does that happen automatically/periodically?

We manually deleted the files, pretty sure it doesn’t do it automatically