Hi there,

Volumio works nearly perfect on beagleboard with odac or diyinhk xmosreceiver/dac combo or diyinhk 32bitreceiver/32bit dac combo. nas is synology 211j via samba, no changes in parameters. No dropouts/distortions in 16/44 flac, 24/44 mp3 (linn radio), 24/88 flac, only very rare, barely audible drops in 24/96 flac. Heavy (i.e. unbeareable) drops at 24/196, as expected.

Different story with raspberry in same environment.
16/44 flac great, everything else distorted, including the radio, so it’s not the nas parameters.
Distortion sounds the same in all cases, like a highpitch hum.
Any ideas anybody?

Thnx in advance.

Hi, I am experiencing issues as well, not a high pitched hum, but pops.

I first noticed it streaming radio, specifically KEXP’s 128 mp3 steam


I’m using a Schiite Modi DAC

Have the same buzz problem , and find out the distortions always happen when played 24/32bit audio,
but its fine when played 16 bit audio.
So i resampling to 16bit/96khz, @MENU>Playback>Resampling.
And its work,the distortions disappear ! :smiley:

Please, try that:

1- Connect to SSH (user root, password volumio)
2- edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf with
nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

and add this line in the end of the file

options snd-usb-audio nrpacks=1

3- save with ctrl+x
4- reboot

Please report if situation improves

It’s work! Many thanks. (@Rpi)