Display MPD info on a 20x4 LCD


I did make a small script for displaying MPD info on a 20x4 LCD.
Works great :slight_smile:

see there : raspberrypi.org/forums/viewt … 76#p545076


Hi, the display looks nice in the enclosure, can you show us more pictures of the display and internals? Thanks

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I have done a box with two pi (one with volumio, one with openelec). Every circuits are powered via linear psu (using the 4x5V rails from diyinhk or the 12V from audio phonics for the ESS 9023 DAC). The usb-i2s converter (diyinhk) is also powered indepandently (I made a custom USB cable where the data and the powering are separated).

For the LCD I add two pot of 10k for adjusting the contrast and the backlight (see photo 3). On the same “board” there is also a temperature sensor.

The back of the box contains the “wall socket” connectors for ethernet cables, HDMI, analog RCA audio and AC power (filtered). A big, customized AC transformer, deliver all the voltage I need (ex: for the buttons). The black “dot” on the front (right to the LCD) is an IR sensor (I used the silver remote from Apple).

The buttons : 1 for each pi and one for the DAC.

I will, very soon, simplify my setup by adding the hifiberry dac. In theory, I could be able to remove the ESS 9023 DAC, the usb-i2s dac, the 12 V linear psu. Hopefully the sounds will be better (or at least at good as what I hear now). I’m listening to ALAC/lossless files (stored on a NAS) and I’m very pleased with this installation.

Last but not least, there is a nice plexiglass “top layer” with holes for heat dissipation (I did not place it for taking the pictures).

Once I finalized my box (hifiberry update), I will post a more detail thread with parts list.

comments/suggestions are encouraged.


2014-05-04 20.28.10.jpg

This is fantastic!! What box are you using?

Hi, i see you have a free rail on diyinhk board,to power the es9023 dac board from it you have to jumper all three pins on the free diyinhk rail which will give you 8v and should be enough for the dac which needs only 6v. This should help you to make more space and tide up the cables in enclosure

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I did make some deep searches on the web… never find the good solution (dimensions or not the good connections). I realized that I need sty customized. Therefore, I ask a friend working as a mechanical engineer, giving him my dimensions and he make it :slight_smile:.

The bottom, back and side parts are 50 mm POM (kind of nice plastic, polyoxyméthylène or polyformaldéhyde) and the front side is metal (2 mm).

To my understanding each of the psu rails can deliver 5V OR 3.3V, why connecting the three pins of the jumper will deliver 8V ? did you test this solution yourself ?

Btw, you’re right, my box does not have too much space, hopefully I could be able to clean it up when replacing the current DAC to the Hifiberry.


Yes I am running the same dac like you with the same psu an I have a jumper on all three pins 3.3/5V wich give approximative 8v, make sure your transformer is more the 8Vac. You can ask diyinhk about this if you don’t believe me.

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Thanks for this good advice !