Display for raspberry pi 4

I have the SmartiPi touch 2 case for my Pi 4 7" screen. I have the Pi 4 mounted, but I also bought a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro
On the back of the SmartiPi case i’m looking for away to mount the HiFiBerry to the back of the case.

i think you have to relocate the power button some how…button is in the way of you fan in the case
or use the other options…like the 2.4ghz remote

On here

i been trying to find away to fix this issue. i even thought on putting Velcro on the back of the case to mound the HiFiBerry card to it and take some jumper wires to run from the HiFiBerry over to the raspberry pi 4. What my dad would call Redneck engineering.

putting Velcro on the back works but how does it fit the case
by heat velcro comes lose (rubbery glue you have to remove first and use a other glue )
i call it eazy to remove… lol

now, i get what u mean, that never cross my mine.
But here

i figured this out here, but i plane on making a better stand to replace the original one to mound the monitor to it and room to mound the sound card and then use female-male jumper wire to connect it to the Pi 4

do you have the the small or big back cover?
the pro got more room in the case, if you gonna stack boards you need a lot of room.

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smartiPi touch 2

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the smart pi touch 2 has 15mm in space ( that’s not a lot with 3 cards)
can you solder oke?

Ok, I see on the Pro. I have room for the Pi 4 and another card. will a HiFiBerry work and where could u place the remote Pi board RemotePi Board for Pi 4 (External IR and LED) – MSL Digital Solutions

what i see on your sound board you could add a row with 40 pins if you add this,
you could stack your pi remote on it . ( but you have to solder it to your sound card. )
on the HiFiBerry DAC+2 Pro you could see how it’s mounted it got that row of pins already.

with this row of pins you will skip the mess of wires.
and in the otherside you could add your fan to cool your stack.

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I might try that. Soldering headers to the HiFiBerry for the RemotePi board.
I picked up some soldering wire today https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-Rosin-Solder-with-Storage-Tube-TD25636B/335133754 is this this right kind.

it’s a bit tick but it will do but becarefull not to link them 2 getter.

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Ok, what size would i need to look at to not make a mess.

it’s oke but i like to use 1mm tickness just add bit by bit.

before testing be sure that the pads don’t connect to each other.

On here Amazon.com : 1mm Rosin Solder I see [1.0mm/1.2mm/1.0mm/1.0mm] 63/37 Rosin Core Weldring Tin Lead Industrial Solder Wire 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.0mm/1.0mm (100g 1.2mm) I also see 100g or 50g, so what would be a good G for soldering on a Pi or adding a header to the HiFiBerry.

with 50 g you will have plenty for many boards…

do this here look good or what for soldering https://www.amazon.com/ANOTEK-Solder-Rosin-Electrical-Soldering/dp/B07VLLF8FM/ref=sr_1_30?dchild=1&keywords=50g+Soldering+wire&qid=1623728042&sr=8-30 1.0mm 50g and Tin Lead Rosin Core, 0.6mm i don’t know what 0.6 Rosin core is.

I just found this in the shop and never thought about it until now.
Is this good or too small

it will work but use it wise i don’t know if you have stuff to remove the 2 mutch solder,

solder wick could remove it