disconnection problems with radio France


I use volumio with pleasure ! Thanks to the developper and community for this really good product.

I have a strange problem with some Radio France : FIP and France Inter for example. I added all the links of the web radio FIP (direct.fipradio.fr/live/fip-webradio8.mp3, electro monde jazz reggae…).

When the disconnection appear, I just need to stop and play again the player and the sound comes back (for 5 minutes again, sometimes 10…).
I tested theses radios directly from a computer connected to the same local network with the mp3 link and it works well. The problem is only with the volumio.

The most strange is that I tested my volumio in my office and the problem doesn’t happen.

I tested with Rpi 2b and Rpi 3b, I have changed the sdcard but always the same problem.

Someone would have an idea of my problem ?


what are your uris
see my list for Radio France stations

#EXTINF:0,Radio Nova

#EXTINF:0,France Inter


#EXTINF:0,Jazz Radio-france

I have the same problem on France Inter with another (mobile) app mate (Transistor for Android).

Especially when listening the 7-9 morning show.

Maybe this could be fixed with a bigger cache though, but I bought myself an old fashionned radio for that :wink:


Thanks for your reply.

In fact I have the same mp3 links as you. It’s very strange . I test again with others radios stations and it’s the same with the mains radio : France musique, Le mouv. It’s cut after 5 to 10 minutes. But when I use the others web radios of theses same radio the problem dosen’t happen (France musique classique easy, mouv xtra…)