Disappearing wifi


I am using RPi3 & latest version of Volumio.

I want to use wifi instead of wired.

I set it up as it should and I can connect to it from my laptop and the Android Volumio.

However, the wifi disappear after sometime. Then I have to reconnect the lan cable & reset the RPi3 for it to recognize the connection.

How to fix this prob? Thx.

I have one rather remote Volumio device with wifi connection, which I know will eventually become inaccessible after a certain time … usually a matter of days, sometimes weeks. A simple reboot, without needing to connect a wired interface is sufficient to bring it back to life when I want to use it. It is annoying rather than deal-breaking, so I have delayed seriously trying to solve it. It does appear to be connected to signal strength to my router, and I have no problems if the device is in a strong signal area.

Balbuze has a plugin on Github, which automatically reconnects when your router is rebooted, but this doesn’t solve the problem for me.

Are you using a HiFiBerry DAC? If you are then the Mark 1 ( can’t remember which DAC ) has an issue with WiFi and you would get a free replacement.

Mine disappears in a matters of hours. My Rpi3 is less than 10 ft from my router :cry:

No, I am using a LG HiFi+ via USB.

Now I do the opposite which is use the LAN only and disabled wifi all together.
However, I am worried about the LAN is sharing the BW & noise with the USB connection to the DAC.