Disable the menu

If the volumio player is installed in a public area, you might want to restrict some pages. One of the restrictions is the menu, assuming the settings are all done and there is no reason to have the menu at al.
With the FireFox inspector I found the menu is shown by menu-top .pulldown visibility is block. This can be changed in css/panels.css, just set display: block; to display: none;
The command is: sudo nano /var/www/css/panels.css

find the lines:

#menu-top .dropdown { display: block;

and change it to:

#menu-top .dropdown { display: none;

Save the file and reboot with sudo reboot

The following pages can still be called in a browser:

Main -> [volumio/index.php](http://volumio/index.php)
Library -> [volumio/sources.php](http://volumio/sources.php)
Playback –> [volumio/mpd-config.php](http://volumio/mpd-config.php)
Network –> [volumio/net-config.php](http://volumio/net-config.php)
System –> [volumio/settings.php](http://volumio/settings.php)
Credits –> [volumio/credits.php](http://volumio/credits.php)

but who will know? :wink:

Hi, I cannot find “/var/www/css/panels.css” . Where might I find this in the current version?

I had the same question. I modify /volumio/http/www/styles/app-1ad324593c.css to set the color of the Settings-Button to the same like the background. Search for “openMenuBtn”, the original line is:


change it to


Save the file back and you have a invisible Settings-Button.


VERSION: 2.389

Mind that, by doing this way, the next time you will update, your UI will not load.
This is because you’ve overwritten a core file in the overlay file system.

Awesome, while a password protected link would be great, your colour work around is a clever alternative:)

sorry to go a little of topic here but you guys seem to know all about the colors in volumio :slight_smile: i want to change the green color of volumio to orange så that it fits with my tasker scene working as a control panel from my phone, is it possible to do?

Have a look at this post: changing-the-volumio-logo-the-webui-and-more-t11173.html


Hi Michelangelo and thanks for Volumio.
Will it be possible to have a css file (user.css) reserved for user specific mods and loaded after the “factory” css files ?

Unfortunately, with the current scheme of folders and overlays it will be quite convoluted…
All the code is open source so you can directly do your own UI by following the instructions on the Volumio2-UI repo