Dirty COW?

Is there a kernel available for Volumio that gets rid of the Dirty COW problem?

Unfortunately not, as we need to release NEW images with a new kernel.
Since this is an high severity issue, and a security one, we’ll issue a new one soon.
See here:
raspberrypi.org/forums/view … w#p1058266

If, however we can set up a simple kernel updater mechanism, people will still be able to use OTA updater and get rid of this.

No worries, if someone gets to try Dirty COW on my sitting-room music player, it’s fair to say that I’ve got bigger problems than a software attack… :slight_smile:

Still, it’ll be good to be up-to-date,


Chris M

Yes, and thanks for asking.
We want Volumio to be a resonably safe piece of software, so every step we can take we’ll do